319 students cook 319 types of food in 4.27 minutes Padayal Sivakumar set a world record

Under the patronage of Elite Matriculation School CEO Paul Sebastian, the selfless and soulful work of the school’s teachers and students, Dr.Padayal Sivakumar’s World Record Award was held very successfully.
This world record event called Flame off No Oil – No Boil was presided over by Venerable Vedatri Maharishi Atmartha Seeda and Scientist Prof. Dr Azagar Ramanujam, Dr. VK venkatesan, Actor Sai Sakthi, Sruthikalai, VJ Vijay, Rs Loganathan.
In this grand world record event, natural vegetables, divine flowers, herbs, traditional and small grain varieties of aval, fruits etc. are used to improve the health of the body without oven, without oil, without milk and milk products, without any kind of chemicals…No Oil No Boil. Delicious traditional laddus, bio-energetic pulses, vegetable pretzels and vegetable sandwiches. Various types of cowpeas in vegetables, small-grain and traditional puddings, small-grain khichdi, non-oiled vada, non-boiled traditional puddings, natural and traditional mixed rice, delicious and energetic almond resin and flower payas, non-dairy natural vegetarian buttermilk varieties.
319 students from different parts of Tamil Nadu, Bengaluru along with most of the students from Elite School, 319 types of natural food, in 4.27 minutes, different types of natural food, colorfully , they set a world record by cooking without an oven and without oil.
This world record was evaluated by the Triumph World Record Institute and honoured with a World Record Certificate.
This great event was held to introduce and follow healthy diet, natural lifestyle, traditional and natural diet among the future generation children especially students.

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