SahaNathan’s book & Music album release… music composer Gangai Amaran as special guest!

16th Book of Saha Nathan “Adangatha manathai jeyipadhu eppadi?” is released in Chennai along with the launch of new music channel in YouTube called “Saha Music Tamil America” based out of Seattle, USA.

Setting a lifetime mission to outreach least 90 million people with his life science program, Saha Nathan says “Book reading has a higher impact even amidst the boom of social media” while releasing his 16th Book “Adangathamanathaijeyipadhueppadi?” today at Chennai.

In this event, two more books will be released today; 1) “En vazhvinsuvaiyanasuvadugal” by Sellathai Nathan, 2) “Sindhanaikkulsilasitharalgal” by Dr. MeenakshiParamasivan followed by an audio launch (single) of Saha Music Tamil America.

Saha Music Tamil America is co-founded by Seattle Siva and is the only Tamil music channel operating out of U.S.A. Seattle Siva who works for in USA is one of my best friends of Saha and owns S3 Productions company that produces independent single songs. Overall, Saha channel is reserved to produce only value adding music rather than sloppy entertaining songs with meaningless lyrics. “The response to this music channel has been gradual and I believe a steady growth in subscription similar to SahaTV (which has 174k subscribers now) over the long run. Similar faith that we had while launching Saha TV Tamil America has given us more than 1.74 Lakhs subscribers and a prestigious goodwill.” Saha Nathan says, proudly. For more details visit

“A beautiful song about fishermen’s life in Tamilnadu, especially Rameshwaram is set to be launched in the Saha Music Tamil America. This song shall give hopes, and provide moral support to the fishermen community and get the attention of the masses as it expresses the agony in our fishermen’s daily life” adds Saha Nathan.

The community FM channel ( ( “KadalOsai” operating in Pamban island is partnering with Saha Music Tamil America America/videos) in taking the message from the song to the fishermen communities living in coastal areas of Tamil Nadu.

Being a senior IT leader for Vee Technologies, Saha Nathan has made a significant achievement in writing too. For the past 25 years he has authored 16 books, 1000+ articles on mind, body and soul integration. His book “Customer Relationship Management” has been acknowledged as a part of the syllabus in 10 Indian Universities. He is also a renowned public speaker and Siddha lifestyle.

The event in association with Manimekalaiprasuram, Swedeshi Boutique, KadalOsai FM and Madhimugam TV presents special appreciation awards to playback singers such as Saindhavi GV Prakash, Mohammad Aslam, Mukesh Mohamed, Super singer SrinishaJayaseelan and few more in the presence of honorable chief guests Music Director Kalaimamani Thiru. Gangai Amaran, Renowned writer KalaimamaniThiru. Lena Tamilvanan and Thiru. ‘pocket novel’ Asokan.

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