Schools of Equality announces a public film screening of ‘But what was she wearing?’

Chennai, Tamil Nadu: In collaboration with Lime Soda Films, Schools of Equality will be hosting a screening of the film documentary “But what was she wearing?” directed by Vaishnavi Sundar, at CPR Art Convention Centre, Eldams Road, Chennai on 20th Nov, 2022(Sunday). The event is entry free and open to all.

What is the event about? The event is a film screening, followed by refreshments and an interactive discussion with the cinematographer.

The film is about workplace sexual harassment and its manifestations. It also covers the laws that exist around it and how they play out.

The screening is to enable people to have conversations around subtle sexual harassment and abuse at the workplace. Through the screening, we aim to build a safe space for questioning, sharing and understanding different aspects of workplace sexual harassment.

It is absolutely free and anyone can attend the event.

Who are we? 

Schools of Equality Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that runs activity-based programmes and workshops in educational institutions, corporates, not-for-profits and public forums, to shift social attitudes that perpetuate gender-based discrimination, and other forms of identity-based harms.

Why do we exist? 

Insensitivity. Disrespect. Intolerance. Bigotry. Exclusion. Discrimination. Bullying. Violence.

These are a few consequences of the structural inequalities embedded deeply in society. Social identities such as gender, class, caste, ability and others, shape our interactions in society and require deep reflection, attention and action. We at Schools of Equality, have developed a unique programme for students, that focuses on building inclusive communities that encourage acceptance, psychological safety and respect. We design customised workshops for adults as well and conduct public events to create awareness and spaces that promote healthy discourse.

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