Tamil Perayam Founder Chancellor Dr. T.R. Parivendar announced the 12 members of the SRM Tamil Perayam 2022 Awardees!

Founder Chancellor Dr. T.R. Parivendar and the president of Tamil Perayam announced the 12 members of the SRM Tamil Perayam 2022 Awardees list at a press conference.

Addressing the press, Dr. T.R. Parivendar said, “The mission of the Tamil Perayam is to increase awareness around the world and development of Tamil language, literature, art, and culture. Tamilperayam functions according to the recommendations of Tamil Nadu’s best Tamil scholars, creators, and government officials.”

He also added that, “One of its noteworthy initiatives is Tamil Perayam Awards Program. Every year since 2012, Twelve best Tamil Books, Tamil Scholars, Significant Tamil Works, Tamil associations, and magazines were recognized and awarded.”

SRM Tamilperayam was established in the year 2010 by SRMIST’s Founder Chancellor Dr. T.R. Parivendar. For this award, a prize worth 2 crore rupees has been allotted. The prize awarded is worth 20 lakhs. Around 89 creators have received the award in the past. Among the recipients are those from the United States, Canada, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, and Australia. Authors and intellectuals come from all around the country. Awards from India have been given to academics and Tamil organizations from several states.
This year 407 nominations for written works were received for Tamil Perayam Awards . Studies had already been conducted in two stages to choose the most talented individuals among them and ultimately, the awardees were chosen by a panel of academics presided over by retired Hon. Justice K. Gnanaprakasam, which included Prof. R. Chandrasekaran, Dr. E. Rajamani, writer Mr. Amirtham Surya, and Dr. Adhira Mullai.

Also, present at the event were Vice Chancellor of SRMIST Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan, and Tamil Perayam President Dr.Karu Nagarajan among others.


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